western school

Western School District
February 11th – 15th, 2013

Kaitlin and Allison
Monday, February 11th
First week on the road! We flew in to Deer Lake last night – free snacks make all flights better. We checked into our hotel and got everything ready for our first official day! We left super early to get to our presentation on time, and it’s lucky that we did, because we learned a very valuable lesson: never rely solely on Google maps! We followed what the map said, but the directions weren’t really right! Luckily, with a quick text to our supervisor, we corrected ourselves and got to Corner Brook Regional High with just enough time to set up! That was the end of the back luck of the day, though, because our first presentation was AWESOME. We had such a good time and presented to some great students in our four classes. We really enjoyed how a lot of the students knew entrepreneurs – whether they had parents as entrepreneurs or knew some local businesses, such as Marble Zip and Magine Snowboards. After we were finished at the school, we explored Corner Brook a little and headed back to our hotel to prepare for the next day. Today definitely was a success and we are looking forward to the rest of the week!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013
Today, we got to sleep in a wee bit since our presentations were at Elwood High School, which was super close to the hotel. Google Maps informed us that it was located only 4 minutes away, but we learned our lesson yesterday, we set our alarms early. We found the school quite easily and did two presentations there that morning, as well as one after lunch. Overall, the students were a good audience! They were into the games and seemed to like hearing the entrepreneurial tales we told. We even got our very own Elwood High pen as a thank you present! We headed back to the hotel and did some super fun paper work: coding surveys! We organized our suitcase full of products made around the province and then we hit the gym. We decided to end the day with a swim. As you may have already surmised, we had a terrific day here in Deer Lake. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Wednesday, February 13th
Sadly, we couldn’t present to the class at Hampden Academy as the school was closed due to the weather, so we worked on our work term reports all morning and made sure that we were ready for tomorrow’s presentations. In the afternoon, the weather cleared up and we headed out to Marble Zip to meet up with Gerard and Morgan so we could all chat with one of entrepreneurs we profile - Martin Flynn.! It was really exciting to hear about his experiences about his past jobs and starting the business. He had a huge dog named Baxter who was a big hit with the gmo team. Martin told us about his challenges and successes on building his business, and told us to be on the lookout for some news in the future. Sounds exciting! Another good day on the road – thanks to Martin (and Baxter) for answering our questions and making us feel welcome!

Thursday February 14th
Happy Valentine’s Day! Today was awesome. We had some of the coolest students and teachers at Xavier Academy. We set up a booth during lunch time and had lots of students and teachers come up to us and ask us about the iDiscover contest – they also loved the gmo stickers for their cell phones! Then we met up with Gerard & Morgan to have a classy Valentine’s Day feast of pizza and salad. It was overall a great day of presentations at Xavier and an awesome dinner with the team. We are sad to leave tomorrow but excited to spend the last day presenting to some awesome schools and to start planning our next trip!!!!!

Friday, February 15th
Today, we met back up with Gerard & Morgan at Corner Brook Regional High and spent the whole day presenting there. It’s a great school and we were really glad that the Guidance Counselor (Mr. Lowe) made sure all the teachers knew that we were coming so we could talk to as many students as possible. It’s been a fantastic week, and we’ve still got lots of trips to make around the province for the rest of our semester! But now that we have our first trip under our belts, we feel pretty confident that we’ll only get better as the semester continues. The students and teachers that we have met this week have been fantastic, so we’re really looking forward to our next trip!

Morgan and Gerard
Monday, February 11th, 2013
So this was our first “official” day on the road doing presentations. We woke up bright and early to prepare for our full day at Corner Brook Regional High. We arrived at CBRH around 8:20 and hooked up with the guidance counselor who worked with the teachers to make sure we reached as many students as possible through the week – shout out to Mr. Gerard Lowe!! Our first presentation was to a class of 25 students. They were all really respectful and seemed to enjoy it. We then sprinted to our next presentation – it was pretty much like that for the whole day! We did another presentation before lunch, and after a dinner break where we slammed down some Subway, we set up an information booth in the hallway of CBRH. Then we presented to our last class of the day. The class of about 25 enjoyed the gmo presentation and then we had day one officially down! We didn’t realize how tired we were at the end of day – by 9:30pm we were both asleep, getting some much needed rest for day two!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013
Another day of organized and carefully planned madness! We woke up bright and early and set out for G.C. Rowe Junior High. We got there in time to have a chat with Mr. Frank Foo. He was incredibly helpful in booking our presentations at his school. He hooked us up with a library that was already prepared with everything already set up for us and the students and staff did everything they could to make sure we had everything we needed. We presented to about 50 students and it went really well. From G.C. Rowe we skipped back to Corner Brook Regional High in time to present to a class of about 50 students (combined careers classes). Mr. Bradbury helped us set that up, and the presentation went so well! The students were totally into the games and super attentive. We then took a recess break and presented to another class of about 20 students. We set up another booth during the dinner hour and after that we were back doing another presentation to about 25 students. This one went particularly well, with a ton of the students showing an interest in the iDiscover contest. Finally, for our fifth presentation of the day, we presented to 20 students. The teacher was really helpful, and although we had a slight SmartBoard malfunction, we figured it out and had a great last presentation. Again, a long, but great day!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
So we woke up at around 7:00 am and headed to Templeton Academy in Meadows. We presented to a group of about 22 students and at the end of the presentation, Mr. Lyndon Park hooked us up with a couple of Templeton Academy pens to remember him by! Nice! We headed back to Corner Brook and grabbed some lunch before we went back to G. C Rowe. The students loved the games! After we finished the presentation at G.C. Rowe, we headed to Marble to have a chat with one of the entrepreneurs we love to talk about in our presentations, Martin Flynn of Marble Zip. We hung out in their new location at the base of Marble Mountain and he talked about his experiences as a young entrepreneur in the province. He has a great story that you can read about here <insert link?> The week is flying by!

Thursday, February 14th, 2013
We spent all of today at Pasadena Academy. The presentations went really well. We set up a booth at the school over the lunch hour and then prepared for the final presentation of the day. We got out of the school around 2:00 pm and began working on a Valentine’s Day dinner for the whole GMO crew. Frozen pizzas and salad! Not really traditional Valentine’s Day fare, but it was fun to catch up with Allison and Kaitlin to see how their week was going. One more day left!

Friday, February 15th, 2013
It’s Friday! We spent all day at Corner Brook Regional High – what a big school! Between the two GMO groups, we did 15 presentations here! We had a break during the period before lunch, so we set up a little booth and talked to a few more students that we hadn’t presented to. Then we got back at it for the final two classes of the day. The last two presentations of the week were fantastic! The last presentation was to a smaller class than we had gotten used to, which was a nice change of pace. Once we finished that up, we were smooth sailing and packed the gear up to end the week. Overall, we think our first week was awesome! Yeah, we presented to a LOT of students, but that’s what we’re here for! We got new likes on our facebook page and really hope that students in the Corner Brook area enter the iDiscover contest. Alright, back to the office next week to plan our next trip!