Jill Curran

Lighthouse Picnics

History buff JILL CURRAN had originally planned on a career in the foreign service, and instead found her way to owning a lighthouse on the edge of Ferryland’s coast. Today, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her business, Ferryland Lighthouse Picnics, offers visitors a chance to take in the rugged beauty of this historic town’s ocean view while enjoying a leisurely gourmet picnic lunch. The site’s popularity continues to rise; with a steadily growing mix of regular visitors and long-time fans, word of mouth has made this destination one of enRoute magazine’s 100 favorite things to do in the world. Jill is reluctant to take too much of the credit, however, and considers the real success of her business to be down to her colleagues who go that extra mile out of love of the work and commitment to what she’s continuing to achieve. In reviews, the word “unique” is often attached to the Ferryland Picnic experience, but Jill believes it is the uniqueness of the Newfoundland and Labrador character that has helped make it all possible.

Here, she talks about her family connection to Ferryland, the importance of a plan (and being able to adjust your plan on short notice!), and why sometimes you just have to max out your credit card and hope someone enjoys your homemade lemonade.


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