Newfoundland and Labrador is full of individuals who are making a difference within their communities and around the world. The Getting the Message Out (GMO) Program is an opportunity to learn about their successes and become inspired to explore your own enterprising attitude and abilities.
The GMO Program started as an initiative of the Economic Recovery Commission (ERC) in 1993, designed to increase awareness of the increasingly-diversified opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment in all regions of the province.

GMO is based on the belief that building an enterprising and innovative culture among youth is vital to the province's economic future. GMO highlights the stories of people in our own backyard whose ingenuity and determination have helped turn their career aspirations or dreams of entrepreneurship into reality. The GMO program is shared across Newfoundland and Labrador with high school and post-secondary students, youth-based community organizations, educators, parents and business people, through program initiatives such as the GMO website, group presentations and in-class resource materials.

Whether you are interested in starting and owning a business, thinking about entrepreneurship as a career path or want to learn more about some of the exciting career options in Newfoundland and Labrador, GMO is here to help you recognize and explore those opportunities.